IMC Travel Guide 2

Entering the job market as a young professional means a lot of changes. No more sleeping in during the weekdays, no more 3-hour workdays, and the absolute worst, no more summer break. The professional life may keep you busy, but it is always important to keep a work life balance, which is why we are bringing back our second IMC Travel Guide.

One way you can incorporate continued learning into your travels is by visiting places relating to your field. I recently visited Atlanta and picked out some popular but relevant attractions to experience.

World of Coca-Cola

coca-cola bottles

Evolution of the Coca-Cola bottle.

One of the most celebrated and consumed worldwide brands began in Atlanta, GA. Coca-Cola has won the hearts of many generations and continues to be an innovative marketer and pop culture icon. Their museum submerses you in the drink’s history, production, and entertainment. For someone in the marketing communication field be sure to stop by the Milestones of Refreshment exhibit, which includes advertising history and Coca-Cola artifacts, and their Pop Culture Gallery for Coca-Cola pop art.


CNN Studio Tours – Atlanta

Want to go into news broadcasting or become a public relations specialist? This is the tour for you. The CNN Studio Tour at the Atlanta CNN Center takes you behind the scenes explaining the different aspects of broadcasting including newsgathering, videography, and programming.


Museum of Broadcast Communications (MBC)

The Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago, IL is one amusement we have both added to our travel bucket list. The museum honors radio and television – vintage and present-day – and houses the National Radio Hall of Fame Gallery. Inside the museum you can see TV sets, radio memorabilia, and TV and radio studios. This is a fun stop for all ages and their ever-rotating exhibits keep content fresh. One current exhibition, Watching TV in the 1990s, commemorates the last decade of traditional television viewing. For late night TV junkies, the museum will open a Johnny Carson exhibit in January 2016.


Have you been to the Museum of Broadcast Communications? Share with us your favorite moments and travel pictures in a comment below. Also, don’t forget to recommend your favorite communication minded travel stops.

-Caroline Robinson



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