The best holiday spots are ones that “tale” not “tell”

Some people gleefully admit that they wait all year for Christmas. And for those of you who love the cookie baking, the tree decorating, and the stocking hanging, the time is finally here.

It’s hard to find someone who isn’t at least slightly affected by the merriment that seems to radiate during the holiday season. There is no other time of the year when consumers are more vulnerable, empathetic, and emotionally charged than now. And each year companies strive to create the perfect ad that allows them to gracefully, subliminally slide their products and services into your merry festivities. During such an emotionally charged time, we find it is less about what is being told and more about how. It seems the best spots are those from companies that don’t explicitly “tell” you about their product, but the ones that give you a “tale” with their product.

With today being Christmas Eve, it seemed only fitting that Caroline and I share our two favorite Christmas spots of the 2014 season.

Apple – “The Song”

Apple… it seems the company’s fanfare is never-ending. And while Android fans will argue against it, it seems a majority of us find it seemingly well deserved. Each year they are not only topping the charts with their new product releases, but they are also consistently ranking in the top with their advertising spots as well. Remember their holiday ad from last year, “Misunderstood?” This year “The Song” serenades our heart strings as the commercial shows a granddaughter’s finding a record of a her grandmother singing to her late husband, which she then digitally remasters into a duet featuring herself singing with her grandmother. As if the song itself, “Love is Here to Stay”, wasn’t enough to form a lump in your throat, the new duet was then left as the most tear jerking gift to her grandmother on Christmas morning. While technology is often demonized for removing sentiment, Apple shows that when used with creativity, it actually has the potential to restore it – and in this case, tenfold. Grab a kleenex before you watch above.

Sainsbury – “Christmas 2014”

Our second pick is Sainsbury’s “Christmas 2014”. It’s hard to tell if you are watching a commercial or experiencing an actual cinematic event. The beautifully shot British ad depicts the ceasefire between the British and German around Christmas of 1914. As “Silent Night” is sung between the two opposing forces, the echoing lines of “sleep in heavenly peace” over shots of a haggard battlefield can get anyone to remember the true meaning of Christmas. Ranking first on the viral video chart, the spot’s powerful imagery has captured not only our attention, but also nearly 16 million views.

Did our two picks make your list for favorite holiday ads? What other spot made an impact on you this season? Let us know in a comment!

Before we officially end this week’s post, Caroline and I want to wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you all so much for following us on Communication Minded’s journey as we experience, explore, and evolve within the integrated marketing field. Due to the holidays we will refrain from posting next week, but will be back with content on January 7th!

Happy Holidays! – Savannah Valade & Caroline Robinson


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