5 Social Media Resolutions for 2015

It’s time for our December guest blogger! This month we bring to you Savannah Myers. Savannah graduated from UNCW with B.A. in Communication Studies and a Minor in English. As an undergraduate Savannah served as co-coordinator for the UNCW Communication Studies COM Studies Day. She worked on social media and public relations projects as a marketing intern for the Children’s Museum of Wilmington and the Wilmington-Cape Fear Home Builders Association. After graduation in May of 2014, she accepted an internship at the North Carolina Seafood Festival, where she is now the Marketing Coordinator.

 5 Social Media Resolutions for 2015

Whether I am catching up on my friend’s latest adventures on Instagram, or managing and posting onto various platforms for work, social media is at the forefront of my daily life. My position as the Marketing Coordinator for the North Carolina Seafood Festival includes not only managing our social media, but also creating marketing campaigns to be pushed through our accounts. As a nonprofit organization driven by our community and 250,000+ attendees, social media has proven to be key for us in maintaining a personal connection to our fans, and engaging them throughout the year.

Through my experience managing a business’s social media accounts, as well as research done on trends and reports, I have created a list of five social media resolutions for 2015 that will help attract more fans, engage with followers, and give your page the extra “something” that keeps people coming back for more.

Be Consistent With Posting– A widely debated subject is the fine line between posting too much, and not posting enough. However, in order for your business to stay in the forefront of fan’s minds, you have to be on their news feed consistently. Each social media platform will lend itself to different posting frequencies, however with an outlet like Facebook, finding the perfect balance between informative and obnoxious can be tricky. In order to ensure that I post enough, but don’t over-do it, I check analytics each week to see what the engagements were in comparison to how many times I posted. This provides the benchmark for the number of posts I should be doing per week.

Find New Social Media Frontiers- Facebook and Twitter are the obvious platforms that all businesses should be, and are, on. Although both are great marketing tools in their own right, venture out by taking the time to research various outlets that could be a good fit for your company. Did you know that Instagram just surpassed Twitter in number of users? Being a trailblazer in your field is key!

Get Creative- How many times do you get flooded with the same boring posts from a business trying to sell a service or product? If it’s anything like me, it’s every day. Make your company stand out by creating more than just a social media page- but rather an experience for your fans that ties into your overall branding theme. I am constantly in awe of Coca-Cola’s creative campaigns on Twitter that engage with fans and leave a reported 1 billion potential impressions over 30 days. Check out their campaign that turned fan’s tweets into 2 million pieces of confetti at a soccer game- talk about creativity!

Upload More Images- When I first began posting onto Facebook for work, someone gave me the advice to always upload an image with any post. Skeptical at first, I began looking at analytics for our Festival, which showed that engagement goes up at least 20% when a pertinent image is included in a post. Followers love getting a visual image, so indulge them by showing what you are posting about, rather than just telling them.

Free, Free, Free!- Is there anything better than a social media giveaway? Nope, there isn’t, and your fans don’t think so either! Giveaways or social media driven deals are a sure-fire way to directly engage with your fans, get more followers to your page, and keep people coming back. Keep giveaways simple by asking fans to do something that will be easy such as “like and share” or uploading a picture, which will enter them to win. It may take some time to plan and execute on the front end, but the benefits will be worth the effort!

Savannah Myers

Savannah Myers



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