Being Communication Minded in a Nonprofit World

Hello Communication Minded friends, it time for another guest blogger! This month we bring to you Cortney Aherron. Cortney is a 2013 Communication Studies graduate of UNCW. As an undergraduate Cortney served as co-coordinator for the UNCW Communication Studies annual breast cancer fundraiser, Rock For A Cure. She was also the events intern for New … Continue reading Being Communication Minded in a Nonprofit World

Socially working on THE social network

Much like clothing, over the years, social media has also gone through fads. Remember AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)? Screen names, buddy lists, buddy profiles - it was great! And then came along Myspace - top 8’s, comments, pictures - even better!  And after that, Facebook - our current reigning king of social media. After a … Continue reading Socially working on THE social network

Mix Media to Multiply Results

As an student of communication studies you focus on how the three separate disciplines of public relations, integrated marketing communication, and advertising, work together to form strong campaigns. When you enter the job market you quickly realize that even though the practices work together, there is a clear division in specific job roles, departments, and … Continue reading Mix Media to Multiply Results

How to “Sprout” new brand and product names

When you meet someone for the first time, you introduce yourself with a handshake - brands introduce themselves with their name. The way the text reads, the way it sounds when you say it, and the connotation the name evokes, are the first interactions you have with a brand. And if first impressions really are … Continue reading How to “Sprout” new brand and product names