How do you see the world?

They say you are what you eat. But what about what you see? Do you see a commercial as an annoying transition in the middle of your show? Or do you see a spot that adds to your entertainment? What about your social media page? Do you see it as a way to avoid your workday and keep up with celebrities? Or do you see it as an expression of yourself, a news source, a tool of trade?

So how do you see the world? If you are like us, then you see the latter part of the questions above. And what does that make you? It makes you communication minded – and you are exactly whom this blog is for.

We extended to you a welcome, from the both of us— Caroline and Savannah, to Communication Minded. A blog that serves as a space for communication professionals to share their experiences, to converse on trends and techniques, and to create and contribute to new ideas and work in their respectable fields.

Underlying our mission, this blog will serve as an outlet in which half of our content will discuss social media, advertising, public relations, and other facets of the communication field via ourselves and guest contributors.

The other part of this blog will be our journey as young professionals. We recently graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and are currently breaking into the professional world. We want to share our experiences in hopes to help others navigate their professions.

So to kick off this blog we want to discuss something that we love critiquing and creating— brands. Most people think of brands in terms of products, off-brand vs. brand. Yet, a brand is much more than that. It is not merely a symbol or word; it is a story.

Brands are how we identify and express ourselves. Living in a consumer culture, the brands we consume become a part of who we are. As a consumer do you ever think about why you buy certain brands? Or why you don’t buy others? Is it because of a commercial? Is it because of what your parents used to buy? Is it because a friend said it was great? It is because of convenience? Price? Companies use all of these factors to try to package their brands so that their brand story is also a matching puzzle piece to your own personal story.

In order to show you what we mean and to tell you a little more about ourselves, we have created a collage of brands that help us make up our own personal identities.

Caroline Robinson

Caroline Collage

 Savannah Valade


Brands and people share symbiotic relationships. James Twitchell notes, “brand[s] can take years to evolve, it can evaporate in just months if it loses its interpretive audience.” The same brands you see in our collages today might not be the brands you see in our collages a year from now. Why? People and brands evolve. The brands that tell your story and feelings when you are twenty most likely won’t tell the same when you are forty.

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, quoted “your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”.  So, whether you are a company, product, or individual remember to evolve your brand and change with your audiences.

We hope you have enjoyed our first post and have gotten a feel for what we will be writing about. Check out our backstories on “The Minds” page and learn more about the blog on the “What We Are” page. To subscribe to our weekly blog via email fill out the box on the sidebar (right side of the page).

-Caroline Robinson & Savannah Valade


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